Apache Spark Use Case based Training on Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic understanding of Programming Language
  • Basic understanding of Apache Hadoop
  • Basic understanding of Apache Spark
  • Most important one, which is willingness to learn

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What will students learn in your course?

  • Complete Spark Project Development on Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Cluster
  • Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform(GCP)
  • Setting up Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Cluster(CDH 6.3) on GCP
  • Features of Spark Structured Streaming using Spark with Scala
  • Features of Spark Structured Streaming using Spark with Python(PySpark)
  • Fundamentals of Apache NiFi
  • Fundamentals of Apache Kafka
  • How to use NoSQL like MongoDB and Cassandra with Spark Structured Streaming
  • How to build Data Visualisation using Python
  • Fundamentals of Apache Hive and how to integrate with Apache Spark
  • Features of Apache Zeppelin

Note: This course will enable you to become Spark Developer/Data Engineer if you are putting sincere effort. Happy Learning !!!

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