Setting up MongoDB on Docker Container

Follow the below commands to set up MongoDB on Docker Container

Step 1: Pull MongoDB Docker Image

sudo docker pull mongo:latest

Step 2: Create local directory to map MongoDB data directory

sudo mkdir -p /home/dmuser/mongodb_data

Step 3: Run MongoDB Docker Image as Docker Container

sudo docker run -d -p 27017:27017 -v /home/dmuser/mongodb_data:/data/db --name demo-mongodb mongo:latest

Step 4: Login to demo-mongodb(Docker Container) on bash mode

sudo docker exec -it demo-mongodb bash

Step 5: Open mongo CLI(Command Line Interface)


Step 6: Create database in MongoDB

use test_db;

Step 7: Create collection in MongoDB database


Step 8: Insert sample documents to MongoDB collection

db.user_dtl.insert({'user_id': 1, 'user_name': 'Arun', 'city': 'Chennai'})
db.user_dtl.insert({'user_id': 2, 'user_name': 'Ram', 'city': 'Bangalore'})
db.user_dtl.insert({'user_id': 3, 'user_name': 'Shiva', 'city': 'Hyderabad'})

Step 9: Get 2 documents from MongoDB collection


Step 10: Get documents count of MongoDB collection


Click Here for Video Tutorial

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