Speech/Voice/Audio to Text Conversion using Python | SpeechRecognition


  • Operating System(OS)
  • Python


SpeechRecognition is a python library for performing speech recognition, with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline.

Below are the Speech recognition engine/API support as of now:

  • CMU Sphinx (works offline)
  • Google Speech Recognition
  • Google Cloud Speech API
  • Wit.ai
  • Microsoft Bing Voice Recognition
  • Houndify API
  • IBM Speech to Text
  • Snowboy Hotword Detection (works offline)


# Import the necessary packages
import speech_recognition as sr

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print("Application Started ... ")
    r = sr.Recognizer()
    audio = sr.AudioFile("D:\\voice_to_speech\\audio_file.wav")

    with audio as source:
        audio = r.record(source, duration=100)

    '''with audio as source:
        audio = r.record(source, duration=100)
        print(r.recognize_google(audio, language='en-IN', show_all=True))'''

    print("Application Completed.")


D:\softwares\installed\Anaconda2\Anaconda2\python.exe C:/Users/UserName/PycharmProjects/voice_to_speech/voice_to_speech_demo.py
Application Started ... 
Hello World India
Application Completed.

Process finished with exit code 0


In this article, we have successfully learned how to convert Speech/voice/audio to Text Conversion using Python package SpeechRecognition. Please go through all these steps and provide your feedback and post your queries/doubts if you have. Thank you. Appreciated.

Happy Learning !!!

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